Surfing in Alaska and Amazonia

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A few days ago, two surfers of large waves Garrett McNamara and Kealii Mamala returned in the history while surfant on a wave created by the collapse of one pant of the glacier "the child", located close to the town of Cordova, in Alaska.

Discovered in 1995 by Ryan Casey, producer of "Quest" a film on the surfing of large waves, this spot is as impressive as water must be cold…

Surf sur un glacier en alaska
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This video rappellé me another exploit which I had seen a few years ago already. It is about a band of damaged which decided of surfer the mascaret of "Pororoca" (which can cause waves of almost 5m top! ) on the Amazon river… For recall, a mascaret it is a phenomenon of abrupt heightening of the water of a river or an estuary caused by the rising tidal wave at the time of the spring tides.

Surf sur le mascaret Pororoca
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