There's been a great deal of recent attention about the Wireless Awareness campaign from employees and customers, many expressing concern about the wireless "ribbon" symbol used in the campaign.

Let us be very clear: no one who planned or executed this campaign intended to offend, or to show disrespect for a symbol that's an emblem for a wide range of causes.

We borrowed the familiar ribbon shape used in many awareness campaigns because we want to achieve what these other campaigns do - spark conversation about an issue that many of our customers don't know about, and explain to them the benefits of wireless computing. That might be an uncommon use of the symbol, but that's the point of this Geek Squad marketing campaign.

Best Buy has always been about taking risks and pushing the envelope. As we work on evolving our brand, you can expect to see advertising and marketing with edge. At this point, we're moving forward and need execution from you on the Wireless Awareness campaign. Therefore, we request you do not pull any elements of the campaign, including the store signs, pins, or the Geekmobile magnets. If you've got concerns, make them known through Ask the Bus. We commit that the two of us will personally look through your input. As always, customers can call 1-888-BESTBUY.

We'll continue to listen to what employees and customers have to say about this campaign and how it affects our brand. If our stance on the Wireless Awareness campaign changes, you'll be notified immediately.

Sincerely, Tim McGeehan
EVP, Best Buy U.S. Retail

Barry Judge
SVP Marketing Capabilities


Best Buy

Wireless Awareness - Causing offence

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